Friday, December 12, 2014

Evolution of my art

Today doing a huge cleaning in my room I found some really old drawings and paintings that I made in my childhood. I really got in the nostalgic mood as I was watching every drawing and painting that I had done. Why does it still feel like it was all yesterday? Time does indeed fly.

I thought that it would be a great idea to share them with you. So I invite you to take a trip with me on a memory lane.

These are the oldest drawings that I have from my childhood. I was 6 years old when I made these drawings and paintings. As you can see I loved horses a lot, I still do. In fact, back then I was kind of obsessed. My biggest dream was to have my own horse. I didn't realise how much time and money they would require. I told my granny that we can keep my horse in the garage. She just looked at me and laughed.
And I also liked to paint flowers. Most of the times the flowers were from our own garden.

At the age of 7 I still drew horses but I also explored other things and I also started to draw more houses and there was one cartoon that I really liked called:  Muumilaakson tarinoida. Please tell me that you enjoyed that cartoon as much as I did when I was kid. It was Japanese- Finland cartoon. So the red creature that I drew, he is from this cartoon.

At the age of 8 I drew all kinds of things but I found only one drawing from that time of period. I guess I was trying to draw some kind of village. Oh yes, I loved to draw dogs. When I was 8 years old then I had a dog called Bianca ( the name is from the Italian word bianco, which means white) and this dog on the picture is probably Bianca.

At the age of 9 you can see another drawing of the cartoon: Muumilaakson tarinoida. This time you can see more cast members. I guess I was kind of obsessed with this cartoon. And I drew a bear with an honey.

At the age of 10-13 I made all those drawings and paintings. Some of them I made in the art classes where I used to go. And after that there was a long period of time when I didn't draw at all because I had to concentrate on my school studies.

So these are some of the drawings that I made many years ago. Do you have some old drawings from your childhood? I would like to see them. Post them in the comments section.

Stay joyful and inspired!


  1. Your parents did a wonderful thing, saving all those things you created as a child! And it's awesome that you still cherish them too, because they represent the person that you were/are. Do you think you've changed a lot in your creative preferences, or are those same inspirations from your childhood still your favorite subjects?

  2. Well.. I guess some of the inspirations that I had in my childhood, are still my favorite subjects. I still love to draw horses, just like I did when I was a little girl. Now I just paint more landscapes and try to focus more on the details.
    Back then I liked to draw houses a lot but now I've noticed that I don't like to draw them very much.


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