Sunday, October 26, 2014

Painting #15

Oil on canvas

Painting a lion has been a longtime dream of mine. So finally I decided to give it a try.
I started my painting by making the background. And then I continued my painting by painting lion. I began with lion's head. I really enjoyed painting lion's eyes.  I love the intensity of this lion's eyes.
I'm planning on painting some more lions in the future because I discovered that I really enjoy painting this beautiful big cat.
Also in the future I'm planning to improve my animal painting skills by taking some painting classes or by purchasing some e-books which would help me to learn how to paint the fur. Because I want to get better and better every day.
There is one quote that I really like:
" I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"- Maya Angelou

So with this painting I tried to paint with colors which would inspire happiness in people.
Here are some work in progress shots:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Painting #14

Oil on canvas

 I seem to get more and more african theme painting ideas these days. I think African theme paintings are my new favourite.
This is actually the first time I painted the zebras. At first I was thinking about painting only one zebra but then I thought that it would look so much better if I paint a family. I like the grass that I made. I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

And here are some work in progress shots:

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Painting #13

Oil on canvas

Painting elephants I figured that I should paint something new. This time I decided to paint giraffes. I had to study their bodies before I started to paint them. This took me a while.
I started with sky and then I painted the sand. I wanted to make more trees than on the previous paintings. And in the end I painted the giraffes. I spent many hours working on this, and am really pleased with the outcome.
This painting makes me happy. The way they are walking there, enjoying their freedom.

Here are some work in progress shots:

Sometimes I like to paint on the floor.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Painting #12

Happy elephant
Oil on canvas

This time I wanted to paint just one elephant and concentrate more on details. I started with the background. I wanted it to look warm and positive and I used really warm colors to create it.
It took me hours to finish the elephant's ears. I guess this was actually the most complicated part of the elephant.
I spent 3 days working on this. I love this piece!

Here are some work in progress shots.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Work in progress video of painting #11

Painting #11

African landscape
Oil on Canson paper

African music, African culture, arts and crafts fascinates me. I've wanted to paint African themed painting for a while. I guess the time just wasn't right.
One day while I was in my room listening some African songs, the light pulb went on and the African landscape painting was born.  I guess the right music plays a big part in my painting progress. I have had many times when music made me feel really good and inspired.
So the first thing that came to my mind, was beautiful African landscape, with warm colors and with 2 elephants. I started to paint. I was in a really good mood and excited about my painting. It took me few days to finish the painting.
One of my goal is to learn to paint elephants because I will certainly do some more African paintings in the future. So far this is my favorite painting.

Here are few work in progress shots.

Painting #10

The secret waterfall
Oil on canvas

On 2011 I painted my first waterfall. It didn't quite turned out the way I expected. So now I wanted to paint a new waterfall and give it another try. Also decided to paint mysterious trees to the background. It took me many hours to paint those trees.
I learned that little touches can make a big difference- adding light spots on the water made it look more real and added to the feeling of the movement.

Painting #9

Autumn trees
Oil on canvas

Here in Estonia its autumn and I decided to make an autumn painting. While I was walking outside, I saw so many beautiful colored trees which inspired me a lot. It has been really warm and sunshine autumn here in Estonia. In my opinion it's one of the warmest autumns in years.
 I guess I should have used red color to make the leaves, not purple.My favourite part of the painting is the river.  Also enjoyed painting the grass and rocks. Hope you like it.

Painting #8

Mountain valley
Oil on canvas

With this painting I tried to study how to paint the mountains and rocks. Before I started to paint the mountains, I looked many different mountain's pictures on google.  I think all the colors on this painting work well together.
This painting was unbelievably fun for me. I look forward to paint something similar like this.

Painting #7

The mysterious trees
Oil on canvas

This painting is also from my imagination. My favourite part of the painting is the background trees. I spent a lot of time on these trees. I also love those red trees.
The bridge was really difficult to paint since I didn't have really small brush for it. Guess I have to purchase some if I continue painting the little details.

Painting #6

True love
Oil on canvas

I had a vision about this painting in my mind. So I started painting the trees on the background. Then I painted a lake and later the trees. I really enjoyed painting the swans and the bridge because I haven't paint them before. It was fun to paint so many flowers. My favorite parts of the painting are the trees.

Painting #5

Oil on Canson pape

I have seen some really beautiful tiger paintings on Facebook and I also wanted to make one. I searched for the reference photo and finally I found a picture from the group: Artist reference photos. Thank you Kaz Turner!
First of all I painted the tiger. It took me a lot of time to mix the right colors for the fur. After I finished painting the tiger, I was thinking what to do with the background. Finally I decided to make night sky since I haven't done it before. And I also added grass. I learned that its really difficult to paint fur. I guess I have to watch some more fur painting videos on youtube.

Work in progress video of painting #4

Painting #4

The sunset
Oil on canvas

I got the reference photo from deviantart. Thank you Cybrea-Stock for this lovely photo.
This is the first time I painted the boat. I was totally out of the comfort zone with this painting. Most of the time I thought that I might ruin the painting because of the boat.I really love the colors of the painting.
When I finished the painting then I realised that the trees are looking much better than on the previous paintings. I think the painting turned out pretty well.

Painting #3

Untouched island
Oil on canvas

It's no secret that I have a love towards mysterious and secret places, just like this untouched island. I really enjoyed  listening violin music during the painting. Lindsay Stirling has some really good songs which I love to listen. While I'm listening her songs, I'm sort of in the other dimension and this is when the creativity jumps in.
I was really drawn to this reference photo which I found on I decided it would make a good painting. Thank you Cindysart-Stock for this amazing stock photo. Such a talented woman.
Apparently I still have to learn how to paint trees but in the end of the day I'm quite happy with  how this painting turned out.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Painting #2

Secret lake
Oil on canvas

For this painting I went through many stock pictures on deviantart and finally I found one stock photo which kind of spoke to me. I decided to paint this because it looks so beautiful and mysterious at the same time. The reference photo is from Cindysart-Stock on deviantart. She has some really beautiful stocks there. I learned that painting a lake  is not so easy. The colors of this painting are so beautiful. I love how they look. I had so much fun with this painting.

Friday, October 10, 2014

50 paintings in 1 year

I have seen many artists doing the daily painting movement and I thought that I should also do something like this. I decided to make 50 paintings in 1 year.

The plan is to make approximately 3-4 paintings in a month. Some month even more, depending on the size of the painting and the difficulty. So I started the painting on the 10th of June.  The reason for this challenge is.-I'd like to grow as an artist. In other words my goal is to paint different things, hopefully get better and learn some new tehniques along the way.

This challenge also requires to be more focused and disciplined and I have to learn to manage my time better. Also this means that I will start posting here frequently and maybe I will overcome my writing block.
I look forward to this challenge and I hope that you enjoy following along.

So now is the time to present you the painting #1

The lonely tree
Oil on canvas

I wanted this painting to look dark and mysterious and I used dark colors to create it. I also learned that its very difficult to create realistic looking grass and tree. I will certainly try to improve my skills on those things in the future.
01 09 10