Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I love to draw people

Some of my drawings
I know that many people don't like to draw people but Im not one of them. It has several reasons.
Firstly I like to understand  people´s nature and behaviour  and investigate different types of man. Sometimes I like to look at different people and presume their profession, age and nature. This helps me also in drawing.  Of course it´s not just copy-drawing but to discover the emotions and transmit them.
Secondly every single drawing is a big challenge for me.  The best motivation is to get positive feedback about  my drawings. This drives me to make more and more efforts and get better results. Fortunately there are so many different people and natures in the world. Here just one aphorism come to my mind:

Practice makes the master.”
 Patrick Rothfuss

This is why every day I try to draw new and interesting people. For getting better drawer day by day.

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